Tools for Life

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Tools For Life – Life Changing DVD

It’s time to save your life, your love, and your health before it’s too late!


Mehdi’s Tools for Life DVDs provide you with powerful tools and easy-to-follow techniques to incorporate into your everyday life.


Tools For Life DVD Chapters Cover:


The Meaning Of Life - a powerful segment that allows us to put aside what we think is important and re-evaluate the real meaning of life.


Understanding Our Journey - a beautifully presented and emotional section on the importance of recognising our abilities and how we can help others in positive ways.


Benefits of Medication - Mehdi speaks about the importance of replacing negative with positive energy.


Unlocking Our Treasures - Mehdi reminds us of a ‘natural treasure’ we are born with, that allows us to love, and care for ourselves and others on a deeper level.


Forgiveness - a significant area and learning process of ceasing to feel resentment or anger towards another person to bring peace and a more positive future.


Managing Anger - an important skill, enabling us to safely express intense emotions and how to change patterns of behaviour through medication


Finding Your Inner Self - understanding strengths and weaknesses on a deeper level. Life can sometimes feel like we’re scaling a mountain, this process helps us conquer life’s highest mountains.


Energy of Water - Mehdi takes you step-by-step through a water meditation technique and explains the many benefits of receiving energy through water.


Additional DVDs coming soon will cover:

  • Relationships, communication & intimacy
  • Eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating disorder